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US-4169652-A: Method and apparatus for connecting electrical conductors patent, US-4252621-A: Process of regenerating an ammoniacal etching solution patent, US-4274091-A: Road surface ice detector and method for vehicles patent, US-4321873-A: Interlocking modular table unit patent, US-4345938-A: Herbicidal 2-haloacetanilides patent, US-4349136-A: Safety pressure reducing regulator patent, US-4449703-A: Apparatus for bonding main rotor blades patent, US-4481135-A: Process for the treatment of basic aqueous effluents patent, US-4495623-A: Digital data storage in video format patent, US-4703846-A: Method and apparatus for arranging fragmentary particles into a row consisting of individual particles patent, US-4744520-A: Pneumatic spreader and distributor nozzles therefor patent, US-4821556-A: Stamping and forming machine having improved pilot pins patent, US-4858998-A: Wheel supporting assembly patent, US-5007981-A: Method of removing residual corrosive compounds by plasma etching followed by washing patent, US-5049778-A: Mask support structure for tension mask color cathode ray tubes patent, US-5060627-A: Device and method for fine tuning a compound archery bow patent, US-5121403-A: Lighting device patent, US-5136369-A: Circuit arrangement for identifying the transmission standard of a color television signal patent, US-5139513-A: Apparatus and method for suturing patent, US-5515018-A: Pivoting circuit breaker load terminal patent, US-5579259-A: Low voltage erase of a flash EEPROM system having a common erase electrode for two individually erasable sectors patent, US-5580201-A: Cam bolt system patent, US-5616762-A: Process for the preparation of 3-halo-and pseudohalo-alkylsilane esters patent, US-5661900-A: Method of fabricating an ultrasonically welded plastic support ring patent, US-5712511-A: Preparation of fine particulate CL-20 patent, US-5762447-A: Method and apparatus of continuously measuring heat quantity need to melt snow lying on road and prevent freezing of road patent, US-5813808-A: Expansion screw having overlapping expanding elements patent, US-5831505-A: Choke coil patent, US-5948268-A: Method for preventing scale formation and corrosion in circulating water patent, US-6092085-A: Method and system for improved database disaster recovery patent, US-6170444-B1: Air and exhaust gas management system for a two-cycle internal combustion engine patent, US-6207051-B1: Filtered hydraulic fluid handling system patent, US-6300441-B1: Method for the production of an initiator composition for retarded anionic polymerization patent, US-6363841-B1: Roaster oven patent, US-6368443-B1: Starch-hemicellulose adhesive for high speed corrugating patent, US-6467261-B2: Double exhaust pipe for engine patent, US-6560809-B1: Substrate cleaning apparatus patent, US-6616802-B1: Process and apparatus for making a sheet of refractory fibers using a foamed medium patent, US-6640369-B1: Multi-function painter's tool patent, US-3943969-A: Positive acting check valve of polyvinylchloride to open in response to predetermined line pressure patent, US-4185266-A: Display apparatus for motor vehicle patent, US-4235596-A: Process for the pad-dyeing and printing of textile material made from mixed fibres of cellulose and polyester patent, US-4288299-A: Enhanced hydrothermal sealing of anodized aluminum patent, US-4311422-A: Screw retainer patent, US-4431614-A: Process for the separation of gold and silver from complex sulfide ores and concentrates patent, US-4432050-A: Data processing system write protection mechanism patent, US-4467509-A: Paint roller patent, US-4567698-A: Space divider system patent, US-4669611-A: Package group patent, US-4698682-A: Video apparatus and method for producing the illusion of motion from a sequence of still images patent, US-4875302-A: Collapsible display sign patent, US-4879884-A: Universal double-cylinder, multi-yarn-feed circular knitting machine patent, US-4968852-A: Trifluoromethylbenzoyl bromide and conversion of same to bromobenzotrifluoride patent, US-4973765-A: Preparation of dien-1-ols, 9-hydroxydodec-10-enyl 1-tert-butyl ether and use thereof as an intermediate for synthesizing 8,10-dodecadienol patent, US-5188690-A: Method for applying a covering on a substrate, a device for carrying out the method and a covering obtained by means of said method patent, US-5253436-A: Ski boot with foot wedging means patent, US-5253698-A: Combination sand cleaning and heat treating apparatus for sand casted metallic parts and method patent, US-5328871-A: Manufacturing process for semiconductor device patent, US-5384003-A: Dispenser for tapes and similar web materials incorporating a cutting and delayed feed mechanism patent, US-5456943-A: Method for the preparation of electrically conductive infrared-reflecting layers on glass, glass-ceramic or enamel surfaces patent, US-5490982-A: Cosmetic composition patent, US-5501118-A: Ball nut and screw assembly with preload retaining ball return tube clamp patent, US-5526005-A: Antenna housing of a portable transceiver patent, US-5684501-A: Active matrix display device and method of driving such patent, US-5711089-A: Radiant heater for processing of polymers patent, US-5742160-A: Apparatus for determining angular position and rotational speed using a rotating magnet and a directional magnetometer patent, US-5793478-A: Apparatus for measuring particle properties patent, US-5860225-A: Self-ventilating footwear patent, US-5894998-A: Agitator mill patent, US-5936387-A: Gate drive circuit for power converters that reduces surge voltages patent, US-6147468-A: Servo control method for orbital machining with cutting tool and servo control system for orbital machining patent, US-6154050-A: Internal tristate bus with arbitration logic patent, US-6226956-B1: Method of installing a rain water diverter system for deck structures patent, US-6233845-B1: Skate with improved comfort patent, US-6336382-B2: Ratchet wrench head member and system patent, US-6418243-B1: Apparatus and method for providing high fidelity reconstruction of an observed sample patent, US-6454697-B1: Cardiac support device and method patent, US-6537006-B1: Plastic fastener system patent, US-6542940-B1: Method and apparatus for controlling task execution in a direct memory access controller patent, US-6619282-B1: Solar concentrating liquid lightguide patent, US-6694389-B2: Method and apparatus for data flow analysis patent, US-6710856-B2: Method of operating a lithographic apparatus, lithographic apparatus, method of manufacturing a device, and device manufactured thereby patent, US-6717192-B2: Schottky gate field effect transistor patent, US-3836693-A: Piano tone-synthesizing system for electronic musical instruments patent, US-3904280-A: Method and apparatus for determining the distance between the surface of an eye and a reference point patent, US-3990615-A: Convenience opening of containers for liquid products patent, US-3994429-A: Purge unit for welding apparatus patent, US-4059486-A: Cell culture process patent, US-4176994-A: Coke oven charging apparatus patent, US-4263859-A: Thread handling system for a sewing machine patent, US-4305543-A: Cardboard trays patent, US-4315441-A: Transmission for a hydraulically driven vehicle patent, US-4337575-A: Razor blade assembly patent, US-4410210-A: Retaining grippers patent, US-4419071-A: Portable high-flow rate flare for smokeless burning of viscous liquid fuels patent, US-4421510-A: Urine drainage device permitting training of the bladder patent, US-4445168-A: Apparatus and method for micro-computer control of lubrication system patent, US-4464710-A: Simplified d.c. to d.c. converter patent, US-4464891-A: Yarn processing machine and creel assembly patent, US-4491717-A: Radiation-tight coupling arrangement for a machining laser patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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