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JP-S5340584-A: Bottle inspector by elliptically focusing system patent, JP-S5340778-A: Nicotine derivatives patent, JP-S5340835-A: Method of interconnecting battery cells patent, JP-S5340912-A: Method and device for generating auxiliary electric power for vehicle patent, JP-S5341404-A: Agent of controlling insects and white ants for woods patent, JP-S5341776-A: Liquid gas breaker patent, JP-S5342291-A: Preparation of water-soluble resol resin patent, JP-S5342627-A: Power switch circuit patent, JP-S5343249-A: Common forced exhaust apparatus patent, JP-S5343506-A: Cassette elevating device in cassette type tape recorder patent, JP-S5343945-A: Treating method and apparatus for forcibly dehydrating high water containing sludge patent, JP-S5344228-A: Knockktype sharp pencil and method of assembling the same patent, JP-S5345744-A: Seize heater patent, JP-S5345796-A: Laser light irradiating apparatus patent, JP-S5346929-A: Process for preparing a mixture of metaaaryloxybenzyl chloride and metaaaryloxybenzyl chloride patent, JP-S5346962-A: Preparation of thiopheneacetic acids patent, JP-S5347035-A: Combustion control method for furnace or the like patent, JP-S5347110-A: Impermeable wall forming method patent, JP-S5347224-A: Device for reproducing recording carrier patent, JP-S534748-A: Welding method of steel members patent, JP-S5347524-A: Sorbic acid composition having improved quality patent, JP-S5348343-A: Heating apparatus utilizing solar heat patent, JP-S5348713-A: Automatic setting system for gain patent, JP-S5349108-A: Waste paper milling apparatus patent, JP-S5349329-A: Valve device patent, JP-S5349646-A: Vertical shaft turbine with movable blade patent, JP-S5350338-A: Analgesics patent, JP-S5351863-A: Operating device of grab bucket crane patent, JP-S5353861-A: Pattern generating circuit patent, JP-S5354332-A: High frequency heater patent, JP-S5355023-A: Release device for camera patent, JP-S5355655-A: Precipitate scraper patent, JP-S5355872-A: Method of loading sheets patent, JP-S5357249-A: Heat treatment of fluorine-containing elastomers patent, JP-S5357437-A: Method of producing sulfuric acid battery electrolyte patent, JP-S5357458-A: Method of manufacturing saddleetype coil patent, JP-S5357598-A: Laser working apparatus patent, JP-S5358128-A: Hose tower for placing concrete patent, JP-S5358735-A: Semiconductor memory unit patent, JP-S535914-A: Radio receiver patent, JP-S5359881-A: Electric connector patent, JP-S5360173-A: Planar semiconductor element patent, JP-S5361256-A: Automatic frequency control system patent, JP-S5361768-A: Nonnwoven core fabric for iron adhering patent, JP-S5362893-A: Purifying of kallikrein patent, JP-S5365836-A: Preparation of aminopropanol derivs. or their salts patent, JP-S536619-A: Preparation of spinning solutions of aromatic polyamides patent, JP-S536709-A: Valve rotating apparatus patent, JP-S5368038-A: Memory unit patent, JP-S5368720-A: Poly block type poly amino acid and process for preparing same patent, JP-S5368898-A: Oxide dielectric material patent, JP-S536895-A: Core wire supply means patent, JP-S5370262-A: 2 by 2 system speed change gears patent, JP-S5370267-A: Oil pressure controller of automatic transmission for cars patent, JP-S5370372-A: Device for opening and closing breaker and tool therefor patent, JP-S5372038-A: Azo dye* method of making same and application thereof patent, JP-S5372054-A: Electric conducting plastic material and method of making same patent, JP-S5372250-A: Multi-refrigerator system patent, JP-S5372266-A: Method of rinsing filler layer in filter tank or absorbing tank patent, JP-S5373577-A: Oreandomycine derivative and process for preparing same patent, JP-S5373992-A: Lead wire bonding method to high molecule elment patent, JP-S5374110-A: Heat exchanger for paper making apparatus patent, JP-S5375068-A: Method for prosucing feed an fertilizers from waste liquor from pulping processes patent, JP-S5375202-A: Grease compositions patent, JP-S53763-A: Bed functioning as chair patent, JP-S5377102-A: Fm stereo demodulating circuit patent, JP-S537761-A: Method of assembling mold for injection molding and device for locating the mold for injection molding patent, JP-S5378357-A: Device for yarn changing in hand knitting machine patent, JP-S5378868-A: Mercury weighing device for mercury filler of bulb patent, JP-S5381800-A: Production of decorative building material patent, JP-S5382291-A: Production of transparent conductive electrode patent, JP-S5382994-A: Heat source control device for heat transmitting device patent, JP-S5383824-A: Type selector for serial printer patent, JP-S5384315-A: Sound proofing* heat insulating material patent, JP-S5384955-A: Improvement in organic compound patent, JP-S5385032-A: Elevator system patent, JP-S5385683-A: Corrugated fiberboard box patent, JP-S5386802-A: Treating of pulp waste water patent, JP-S5386894-A: Treating of polyester fiber patent, JP-S5387852-A: Outer blade electric rotary razor and method of producing the same patent, JP-S53880-A: Electric switch patent, JP-S5388481-A: Cntrolling device for oil pressure for at least two sets of hydraulic working machine patent, JP-S5389379-A: Memory element patent, JP-S5390289-A: Curabalanic esters and process for preparing same patent, JP-S5390367-A: Preparation of hollow fiber membrane patent, JP-S5391783-A: Alternating current wattmeter patent, JP-S5392109-A: Magnetic disk storage unit patent, JP-S5392617-A: Pulse signal regenerator patent, JP-S5393127-A: Plural stage projection method of liquid honing patent, JP-S5393532-A: Safety device for tractors patent, JP-S5394420-A: Synthetic resin tile patent, JP-S5394614-A: Apparatus for treating material moving longitudinal direction patent, JP-S5396919-A: Jolt device of molding machine patent, JP-S5397055-A: Production of porous sheet and tube patent, JP-S539762-A: Hydoxyysuccinimideeester derivative* its preparation and method of bonding biologically active proteins patent, JP-S5397634-A: Valve device patent, JP-S5399172-A: Tandem type master cylinder integrally formed with distributing valve patent, JP-S54100781-A: Speed annunciator of motor patent, JP-S54100789-A: Processor that change acoustic emmited signal into binary signal patent, JP-S54101071-A: Positioning control device for machine tools patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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