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JP-S5480395-A: Production of emulsion of polyurethane with crosslinkage patent, JP-S5481092-A: Manufacture of back field effect type solar battery patent, JP-S5482149-A: Microwave amplifier patent, JP-S5482290-A: Photoelastic strain standard element patent, JP-S5482504-A: Overspeed emergency breaker device for rotary machine patent, JP-S5482512-A: Engine brake indicator patent, JP-S5483288-A: Device for preventing water surface from polluting by gravel carrying vessel or the like patent, JP-S5483740-A: Dielectric window of horn antenna patent, JP-S5484314-A: Ornamental plywood patent, JP-S5485092-A: Nuclear magnetic resonator patent, JP-S5485119-A: Production of aluminium casting rotor patent, JP-S5485954-A: Grain pearling device patent, JP-S5485984-A: Structure in water for fishery patent, JP-S5486219-A: Echo controller patent, JP-S5486402-A: Manufacture of sintered ore with low slag formation patent, JP-S5486600-A: Open ring dimethylnorbornene and ispropylnorbornene copolymer patent, JP-S5486976-A: Incineration of gas patent, JP-S548733-A: Perfume composition patent, JP-S5487406-A: Amplitude adjusting circuit patent, JP-S5487526-A: Optical and electronic focus adjusting device patent, JP-S5488176-A: Photo detector patent, JP-S5488437-A: Balloon with whistle patent, JP-S5490446-A: Transmission control for farm tractors and so on patent, JP-S5490973-A: Semiconductor device patent, JP-S5491000-A: Alarm unit patent, JP-S5492504-A: Portable projector patent, JP-S5493048-A: Method of releasing molded products patent, JP-S5493913-A: Encoding method for television picture signal patent, JP-S5495132-A: Production of magnetic bubble memory unit patent, JP-S5495177-A: Boundary insulated semiconductor porcelain composition patent, JP-S5495458-A: Device for automatically marking conveyed article such as steel pipe patent, JP-S5495466-A: Sorter patent, JP-S5496219-A: Thin building material having nonnwoven fabric of perpendicularly crossed long fibers in surface layer patent, JP-S5496244-A: Conduit forming member for manhole patent, JP-S5497014-A: Vibration panel for loudspeaker patent, JP-S549924-A: Black and white photographic element and method thereof patent, JP-S5499367-A: Circuit for feeding discharge lamp patent, JP-S5499444-A: Light deflector patent, JP-S5499485-A: Gas analyzer patent, JP-S5499854-A: Mechanical power transmission mechanism patent, JP-S5499856-A: Annular band gasket of combined metal patent, JP-S55100501-A: Mirror plate patent, JP-S55101743-A: Carburetor patent, JP-S55102039-A: Simple input unit for source language formation patent, JP-S55102126-A: Electrode structure for vacuum breaker patent, JP-S55102204-A: Manufacturing method of rotor magnet of cobalt rare earth elements patent, JP-S55102555-A: Production of 2-chloro-p-toluenesulfonyl chloride patent, JP-S55105117-A: Ignition detecting circuit for combustor patent, JP-S55105127-A: Hot-water supply device patent, JP-S55105242-A: Slidemagagin for slide projector patent, JP-S55105754-A: Program analyzer patent, JP-S55106114-A: Tooth brush with press extruder type tooth polishing container patent, JP-S55106505-A: Treatment of filtrate patent, JP-S55106661-A: Method of electromagnetically molding molten metal or alloy to desired shape casting and its device patent, JP-S55107567-A: Improvement of looper patent, JP-S55108266-A: Vermicelli such as macaroni patent, JP-S55108369-A: Parallel expansion cylindrical exercising instrument patent, JP-S5510869-A: Normal monitor systme for input circuit patent, JP-S55110428-A: Analog signal input unit patent, JP-S55111001-A: Device for providing waterproof at electric instrument patent, JP-S55111078-A: Direct current power supply patent, JP-S55111246-A: Packing and bag manufacturing method patent, JP-S55112760-A: Detachable grinding device patent, JP-S55113494-A: Centrifugal hydroextracting washing machine patent, JP-S55113703-A: Method of killing noxious insects or their larvae patent, JP-S55114809-A: Method of testing admission valve of steam turbine patent, JP-S55115288-A: Current feeding unit for high frequency heater patent, JP-S55117947-A: Detection method for operation defective position of underground continuous wall patent, JP-S55118385-A: Device for refining bean sprout patent, JP-S55119810-A: Machine for picking up pebbles from ground or like patent, JP-S55120618-A: Production of polyester resin molding compound patent, JP-S55120708-A: Bush cutter patent, JP-S55120762-A: Method and support element for noodles packaged in pachage salable for one person patent, JP-S55120838-A: Vacuum cleaner patent, JP-S55120918-A: Automatic edge-shaving device patent, JP-S55120983-A: Mechanical clamping device patent, JP-S55121200-A: Energy ray irradiation device patent, JP-S55121855-A: Method and apparatus for centrifugal separation patent, JP-S55121970-A: Partially stabilized zirconia ceramic patent, JP-S55122465-A: Permanent-magnet generator for engine patent, JP-S55122641-A: Method and device for manufacturing metallic cord which form layer patent, JP-S55122770-A: Benzodiazepine derivative patent, JP-S55122981-A: Opening closing apparatus for sliding door patent, JP-S55123731-A: Input/output control system patent, JP-S55124158-A: Copying method patent, JP-S55124299-A: Heat dissipating structure for sealed repeating device patent, JP-S55124720-A: Preparation of conjugated diene compound patent, JP-S55124841-A: Data reception control unit patent, JP-S55124992-A: Starter using thyristor patent, JP-S55125264-A: Control method for surface temperature of zinc hot dipped steel plate patent, JP-S55125284-A: Hydrogen chloride * electrolysis partitioned chamber patent, JP-S55125751-A: Data transmission circuit patent, JP-S55125914-A: Rotary cutting tool and tool driver patent, JP-S55128130-A: Device for shifting position of optical element patent, JP-S55128417-A: Granulating device patent, JP-S55129329-A: Display device of data imprinting camera patent, JP-S55129602-A: Actuator patent, JP-S5512978-A: Abnormality display patent, JP-S55129801-A: Control method of plant using computer patent, JP-S55129904-A: Head shell with vibration absorption equipment patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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