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JP-S56146423-A: Safety construction for fuel tank of working vehicle patent, JP-S5614732-A: Change-over circuit patent, JP-S56147447-A: Manufacture of mosic patent, JP-S56147766-A: Preparation of lactam patent, JP-S56148542-A: Blanket-like cloth silk and its manufacture patent, JP-S56150722-A: Infrared ray image pickup device patent, JP-S56150840-A: Manufacture of sealed-in electric circuit parts patent, JP-S56152062-A: Method of modifying address signal and device for extending number of addresses patent, JP-S56152182-A: Arrester patent, JP-S56152977-A: Electrode body for electrolytic protection by external power source system patent, JP-S56153923-A: Digital frequency repeating device patent, JP-S56154273-A: Joining method of metal patent, JP-S56154436-A: Manufacture of rosemary acid patent, JP-S56154523-A: Bobbin-feeding device in automatic doffer for spinning frame patent, JP-S56154913-A: Clutch and brake device of agricultural working machine patent, JP-S56156014-A: Piezoelectric oscillator patent, JP-S56156191-A: Outer edge body for electric razor patent, JP-S56156279-A: Ergoline derivative, its manufacture and medicinal composition containing it patent, JP-S56156690-A: Sheathed heater patent, JP-S56156861-A: Detecting device for developer of copying machine patent, JP-S56158169-A: Lubricant coater patent, JP-S56158901-A: Centering method for mechanical structure patent, JP-S56159006-A: Conductive paste for green sheet patent, JP-S56159933-A: Constant-voltage power source patent, JP-S56160336-A: Manufacture of base material for fiber patent, JP-S56160862-A: Control device for molten steel in mold of continuous casting patent, JP-S56161234-A: Device for introducing and extracting flat flexible body to inside and outside of magazine patent, JP-S56161542-A: Photographic material containing novel cyan formable coloring agent patent, JP-S56161901-A: Method and device for filling carton with food patent, JP-S56162325-A: Combustion apparatus for petroleum patent, JP-S56162834-A: Semiconductor device patent, JP-S5616333-A: Optical signal transmitter patent, JP-S56163343-A: Fixing of decorative frame plate patent, JP-S56163440-A: Heating method of test room in corrosion test device patent, JP-S5616369-A: Facsimile receiving device patent, JP-S56164208-A: Constant-velocity multistage cylinder device patent, JP-S56164571-A: Semiconductor device patent, JP-S56164758-A: Novel preparation of soybean koji patent, JP-S5616514-A: Thermosetting resin varnish patent, JP-S56165331-A: Predicting device for material feeding limits patent, JP-S56165404-A: Wide-range circular polarized wave generating horn antenna patent, JP-S56165697-A: Cargo gear patent, JP-S56165984-A: Integrated circuit storage device patent, JP-S56167180-A: Electrochromatic display unit patent, JP-S5616770-A: Moving suspended scaffold patent, JP-S56168088-A: Counter flow type heat exchanger patent, JP-S56168921-A: Manufacture of washer patent, JP-S56169156-A: Glass vessel tempered by ion exchange patent, JP-S5618055-A: Gas engine driven by converted gas from alcohol patent, JP-S5618784-A: Electronic time piece patent, JP-S5619918-A: Controlling system for sheet thickness in hot rolling work patent, JP-S5622736-A: Method and apparatus for separating gaseous hydrocarbon mixture patent, JP-S5622761-A: Novel 2,2'-bis(4-cumylphenol)derivative patent, JP-S5623674-A: Cooling or heating device patent, JP-S5624307-A: Production of bar lens patent, JP-S5624730-A: Polar reed relay patent, JP-S5624960-A: Lead frame for semiconductor device patent, JP-S5625372-A: Semiconductor rectifying device patent, JP-S5625660-A: Air cooler patent, JP-S5626206-A: Detecting device patent, JP-S5626258-A: Filler for chromatography patent, JP-S5626828-A: Manufacture of 44fluoroo33phenoxyytoluene patent, JP-S5627223-A: Prevention of carbon generation patent, JP-S5627419-A: Electric power control circuit patent, JP-S562766-A: Data transfer system patent, JP-S5628939-A: Protecting device for face of slope patent, JP-S5630463-A: Water-insoluble azo dye mixture patent, JP-S5631166-A: Electronic interpreter patent, JP-S5631286-A: Correlative tracking unit patent, JP-S5631953-A: Reinforcing method of light iron building patent, JP-S563223-A: Method of truing up parts patent, JP-S5632409-A: Hair-tonic composition patent, JP-S5633724-A: Data processor patent, JP-S5635908-A: Sedge harvester patent, JP-S5636001-A: Capasitive sensor patent, JP-S5636752-A: Digital processor patent, JP-S5637416-A: Natural gas calorific power adjusting device patent, JP-S5637751-A: Virtual mean transmission velocity communication network patent, JP-S5638207-A: Device for manufacturing woody box patent, JP-S5638625-A: Connecting system for interface bus patent, JP-S5638759-A: Rapid measurement of mass spectrum patent, JP-S5639087-A: Uracil derivative and its preparation patent, JP-S5640022-A: Burning apparatus patent, JP-S5640084-A: Heat exchanger patent, JP-S5640656-A: Recovering method of adiponitrile patent, JP-S5642161-A: Passive doser* method of identifying energy in tracking of atomic nucleus utilizing thereof and apparatus for executing the method patent, JP-S5642396-A: Manufacture of semiconductor laser element patent, JP-S564239-A: Manufacture of semiconductor device patent, JP-S564257-A: Heat transmission device patent, JP-S5643021-A: Car-cooler patent, JP-S5643830-A: Logic circuit of low electric power consumption patent, JP-S5643959-A: Blood filter patent, JP-S5644757-A: Two phase stainless steel excellent in hot workability patent, JP-S5644790-A: Preparation of contact patent, JP-S564676-A: Adherent aluminum foil patent, JP-S5647809-A: Fixed flow rate throttle valve unit patent, JP-S56500261-A: patent, JP-S56500448-A: patent, JP-S56500491-A: patent, JP-S56500768-A: patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, 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